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The Jefferson Dancers are the elite company of the nationally recognized dance department at Jefferson High School in Portland, Oregon. They consistently graduate dancers who go on to Juliard, Broadway, and beyond. But it's not an easy road. For starters, Steve Gonzales, the program's director, expects a maximum effort from his dancers in the form of 4 hours of rehearsal, 5 day a week. The season culminates in an annual performance at The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in downtown Portland.

Philadelphia Green has a down-to-earth tactic for areas where hard times are felt the hardest. In Strawberry Mansion, a notoriously tough Philadelphia neighborhood, the project of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society works with residents who have tired of living with debris-strewn vacant lots and transformed those lots into vegetable laden sitting gardens and play areas for neighborhood kids.

Published in The Philadelphia Inquire's Sunday Magazine.

Based in Redmond, Washington, Aegis Living owns and operates 34 senior communities up and down the west coast. CEO Dwayne Clark focuses on innovation and on valueing his empolyees over profit taking. As a result, Aegis is annualy awarded kudos such as Best Company To Work For (INC Magazine) and Best Retirement Facility (425 Magazine).

I've completed Day In The Life assignments for Aegis and documented their corporate annual meeting for the past 3 years.

I graduated from The Overlake School in 1986. A couple of years ago, they invited me back to document A Day In The Life of this liberal prep school nestled in the trees outside of Seattle. I also photographed their graduation ceremonies last year.

Innocence and intense anger are often juxtaposed at the Student Support Center. With help from their teachers, kids with seriously disruptive, aggressive behaviors - victims of divorce, child abuse, and abandonment,  - try to control their tempers and reign in their fears. "They're just trying to survive," Said Mary Goodwrich, a teacher at the center. "Given what they've seen, it's a wonder they're not worse."

In 2002, I had the good fortune to be awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Budapest, Hungary. While I wasn't there specifically to shoot pictures, I made it my mission to carry a camera with me wherever I went. These are some of my personal faves from the six months I lived on Kiraly Utca.